Website API


Website implements an API which allows chaning the color or the publicly available device via HTTP GET request. The request has to be formatted in the following way:[.json]


The first part of the request is the public URL for the device available in the device details page.

"color" parameter can be:

  • Hex color value (for example ff0000, ce5905, ffffff)
  • Named CSS color (for example red, green, blue, orange)

The suffix .json is optional and would return "ok" when color was changed or error message if color value is invalid. If suffix is ommited, the website will generate HTML page for the public BlinkStick page.


You can use any web browser to send a reques, curl utility on Unix operating systems or any other application that supports sending HTTP requests.

Set red color:


Set blue color:


Set hexadecimal #550190 color: