Before You Begin

Hello and welcome to BlinkStick help and support section. If you are new to BlinkStick, you might want to begin with our overview of the device. It will give you an idea of how BlinkStick works.

Building BlinkStick

If you already own a BlinkStick kit, you can build it by following the tutorial. When you have your BlinkStick built, the downloads section contains links to the client application.

Need ideas what to do with your shiny new BlinkStick? Head over to our tutorials section to find detailed instructions of what you can do with your BlinkStick. Make sure you check back as we will be updating the page with goodies.


Want full control of your BlinkStick? You can find information on how to interface BlinkStick with various programming languages in the API implementations section. There are plenty of examples for a programming language of your choice.


BlinkStick is open source hardware and software. All schematics , specifications and firmware is available online.